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CARTTEC AIRPORT | Cart Technology, S.L.

Towing for airport


This model is the up-to-date design to meet with the airport according to IATA Standard with good appearance and reasonable construction as well as good reliability.

Product functions:
1. The cart can load baggage, wraps and bulk cargo.
2. The towbar has multi-cart connection and braking dual functions.
3. The cart with special turn plate in forward shaft turns well in driving.
4. The tire uses the ultra-wearable 400-8 solid rubber tire, the service life is long.
5. According to the customer’s request, the faceplate can adopt different materials (stainless steel plate or checked steel plate). The exterior dimension can change according to customer’s request.
Product features:
· Material: heavy-duty steel.
· Dimensions: 3838 x 1952 x 1500mm.
· Loading Platform height: 508mm.
· Wheelbase: 1130mm.
· Wheel Size 4.00-8 Solid rubber tyre.
· Turning Radius 1800mm.
· Own mass weight: 780kg.
· Weight: 300Kg.
· Nominal load capacity: 2000kg.
· Running speed: 30km/h.
· Loaded cargo: luggage/baggage.
· Color: white, as request.

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