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CARTTEC AIRPORT | Cart Technology, S.L.True
CARTTEC AIRPORT | Cart Technology, S.L.

Towing for airport


Suitable for loading luggage, packages and other bulk cargos. Move expediently in any situation.

Main materials:
· Frame: channel steel and the 3mm steel plate.
· Slideway removable door: channel steel.
· Rails: fixed with the removable doors
· Platform plate: 3mm steel plate.
· Tow bar: brake function.
· Tail hook:16mm steel plate with the safety device.
· Core tyre: durable and solid.
· Loading form: both sides loading.
· Dimensions: 4116x1600x1340mm.
. Flat dimensions: 3000x1600mm.
· Working plate height: 560mm.
· Weight: 300Kg.
· Rail height: 800mm (front/rear).
· Nominal load capacity: 2000kg.
· Tyre specification : 400-8 Solid rubber tyre.
Customization can be available as per required.

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