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Roll container

SUMAL  RB 8064

Roll container 8064 is one of our latest models designed for industrial laundries, pharmacies, etc.

This model has a number of advantages that improve the quality of work and guarantee a better performance of the company:

– It has a hinged top cover, making it possible to leave the top exposed. This allows us to empty the inside in a simple and quick way with a turning machine.

– It contains a retractable tray that can be assembled and dismantled very easily, without tools. Thus, it allows optimization of the space in the roll container and ensures orderly and safe transportation of the products inside it.

– The back wheels on this model can be fixed or swivel according to the needs of each moment. Thanks to this possibility we can manipulate the roll container in the way that best suits us and depending on what we are using it for.

– The front wheels have a brake allowing us to secure the roll container. Likewise, we can easily join two roll containers and transport them together. This allows us to streamline and save time in transit.

– Thanks to the drive train we are able to connect and transport two or more roll containers.

– It has an AGV reader system, automatic guided vehicles. Thanks to this system, the AGV robot detects the roll containers and carries two of them together on a predetermined route, without direct human intervention.

These features make this model a roll container adjustable to the specific needs of each moment.

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