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GER Máquinas Herramienta, S.L.True
GER Máquinas Herramienta, S.L.

CNC cylindrical grinding machine


For jobs up to 6000 mm  by 800 mm of grinding diameter and 4000 kg weight.

The CP are naturally destined to works in the heavy duty industry as tungsten carbide stabilizer grinding (oil field), railway shaft grinding, tungsten carbide roll grinding (metal profile lamination industry) and so on.

It is also the grinder family chosen for working short parts with a big diameter, like air seals, pressure balance seals and so on by the aerospace industry that must be ground internally and externally in one set up in live grinding hold by heavy chucks.

The generous dimensioning of the machine allows multiple combinations of wheel heads and tooling and make the machine highly flexible and suitable for subcontractors making single or short series of different parts.

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